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MAYBELLINE’S Baby Skin Pore Eraser Review

At last, I have finally found the time to do product reviews again. This product is really exciting because it is very affordable, yet the quality is just phenomenal. I will be reviewing Maybelline’s Baby Skin Pore Eraser.


Poreless Smooth Skin, Lightweight and Breathable. That is how the package describes the product. I say It is really true! You can definitely compare this to Benefit’s Porefessional. Both has the same goal, but then I haven’t tried benefit so I just can’t tell the difference yet. Nevertheless, Let’s get on to the review of this baby.





See how the lines on my hand became more refined?


  • Super love the packaging and the design! The fact that it comes in a slim squeezable tube is also very convenient for travel.
  • It comes in a transparent gel and a little goes a really long way.
  • The texture of the product is heavenly. It has this velvety, melts to powder sort of finish. It also mattifies your face and really shrinks the appearance of pores, as well as fine lines and rough areas.
  • I noticed that my makeup lasts longer with this on my face. Usually, my face oils up after 4 hours without retouching. But with this piece of heaven underneath my foundation (Almay Clear Complexion), my makeup lasted 8 hours with only a slight hint of dewiness on my face. FYI, the weather is freaking hot! So imagine an 8 hour makeup without melting with this kind of weather. Amazing right?
  • Blending makeup is such a dream with this baby skin pore eraser on. Also, my pores totally disappeared whenever I apply my foundation on.
  • I noticed that if I apply my foundation directly to my skin, a few hours after, I feel like removing my makeup because the oil buildup just makes my face feel even hotter. But when I had this on before my foundation, I look and feel like I’m not wearing makeup at all.
  • I didn’t break out, my pores were not clogged and removing makeup is a bit easier with this on my skin.
  • No Scent.

With Baby Skin, Almay Clear Complexion Foundation, Garnier Eye BB Roll On, 4U2 Twilight Concealer


  • Definitely nothing! Totally hands down with this good stuff.

That time of the month, when your face is infested with cystic acne with puss. ew

I am about to splurge on a good face primer like Revlon Photoready or Smashbox. But then, I found this and I guess this works more than just a pore refiner. It totally works as a face primer. It holds on to my makeup and with this on, my face feels bare and very smooth.

Hello Baby Face. lol

Hello Baby Face. lol

I am really glad I found this at my local drugstore. I’d give this a perfect 10 for the affordability, quality and the awesome experience which isn’t what I really expected from this product.

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  1. wow nice find. will check that out, thank you for sharing!

  2. Would love to get a review comparing it to benefit porefessional, been using and Maybelline’s is cheaper. If its comparable, worth the try!

  3. hihi! i would like to know if i should apply this first or sunblock then this?

  4. I usually use nyx’s pore filler to hide my large pores then I saw this product. I decided to try it out since it’s around half the price I noticed that after applying it to my face, it feels kinda hot(?) and thick (even though i applied just around a pea size for my whole face)

    do you feel that too? Or is it just me? I want to know because I’m not sure if it’s my sensitive skin or that’s how the product works. Hoping for a reply. Thanks in advance:)

    • Hi sue! In my case, I didn’t have that kind of sensation after applying. Its probably your skin reacting to silica? I can’t really tell. However, my experience with it was really good, it feels light on me though. :)

      • ahh, great. Thanks for you fast reply! Or maybe I’m not used to that feeling because my other pore minimizer somewhat turns powder-ish. Using the Maybelline Pore eraser don’t give me rashes or acnes naman. thanks for your reply again. nice blog:)

  5. really great!!!! have large pores, recently im into primers since most make ups,bb creams, foundations etc… doesn’t last on my skin and keeps my skin way too oily…. tried this and amazingly my skin gets smoother and the make up whooahhh…. it lasts without getting an oily face. just too bad that this product is not available most of the time in our place….but really works great on my face and cheaper as in way cheaper than primers that iv been using….perfect!

  6. hi po! ask ko lang, after you wash your face ba, babalik yung large pores mo? it would minimize your pores lang if you put on this pore eraser? :)

    • it only minimizes the appearance of your pores when you have this on. However, if what you are aiming is a pore minimizer, then I suggest you try Etude House’s Wonderpore skincare line, or T.N Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Toner or a local brand toner like Belo Essentials. :)

  7. loved your review, will try ASAP!

  8. I have both…got the Maybelline one first even if I had been dreaming about the Benefits Porefessional for some time. Was not happy with the Maybelline product and got the Porefessional eventually… could not have been happier. Hands down the Porefessional wins, no contest.

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