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Top 10 Makeup Online Shops in the Philippines

Online shopping is truly one of the most divine ways to get a cheaper bargain for a certain product. Prices really differ when they are bought from a physical store. Mostly, online shops focus on clothes, bags and accessories. However, there are quite a few already who have invested on selling quality cosmetics from the US and the UK.  Some even hold their own brand name. Here I have made a generous list of online shops that sells quality makeup for a reasonable cost.

Some I have made a transaction with, some I am still planning to. But I do know that these shops are legit, has great customer service and efficient when it comes to answering your inquiries or even getting your shipped item. I haven’t gone through all their rules and regulations or how you could send an order form but mind you that most of them no longer do meet-ups rather they ship the item to you. Also this list is not following an orderly manner whatsoever. So here is the list!

It’s always about the free shipping! Whether you’re getting one or more items, you get to have them shipped for free. There’s a wide selection of beauty products you can get including Wet n Wild, Virginia Olsen, OPI, V&M and more!! The prices are reasonably cheap also and from time to time, you get to catch a nice promo! So better check them out!

It’s a loss if this name doesn’t ring a bell to you. Celebrities dig their products and certainly because they sell great quality UK brands that will blow you away. I love that they have this “pink fairy” to answer all your inquiries and do business with. Products like Soap and Glory, MEMEME, Lime Crime, Look Beauty, Models Own, Sigma, and so much more is part of their selections. Check them out ASAP for all their items sell like hotcakes. Get em’ while its HOT!

From high street products to high quality ones, you name it. They have been featured numerous times from magazines and newspapers. Trust me, they deserve it. Even celebrities come to their station during bazaars and get tons of stuff from them. You get brands like NYX, Milani, China Glaze, OC cosmetics, Urban Decay and more for a reasonable price! Check out their facebook page and multiply site!

This is the only online shop I have found yet that sells the ultimately amazing skin care tool, the Clarisonic. Although they are preordered, you still can get the Clarisonic for a good peso value! The other reason why I also favor this online shop is because of them selling high end UK brands like Graftobian, Inglot, Urban Decay and Beauty Blender. But you still get to see products like NYX and a complete must-have from Ben Bye! If you are a makeup artist, an enthusiast or what-not, I think its best you check them out and get any of their items!

Shop at US based online shops and have them shipped directly at your doorstep. Yes! Welcome to the dream portal! This online shop is quite clever with the way they are approaching customers. I love that we have the liberty to choose from a USA based shop and then we can just give them the information of what we are buying, start a transaction with them and with just a short matter of time, you have your item already. Sites like Amazon,, Ebay, Sally Beauty and Sephora are just one of the few shops you can choose from. They also have a series of on-hand items and makeup collections to choose from! Hurry and check them out now!

Though I haven’t made an official transaction with them yet, still they sponsored my most recent giveaway by generously providing me a Sigma brush! I have been eyeing on getting the Real Techniques Core Collection set from them for so long now and I think I’ll be getting one very soon. Aside from that, they also have a wide range of Sigma Brushes and palettes to choose from, the Brush Guard, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Urban Decay! They also conduct a series of giveaways and promotions from time to time so, check out their facebook page and their multiply site as well.

This fast growing online shop obviously found its way to success by choosing products that the masses crave. Seeing, Milani, Loreal, Wet n Wild, Beauty UK, MEMEME and my favorite Holika Holika on the list spells success. While they toggle between their busy bazaar participations and their online shop, they still are very kind to people that shows interest to their products.

For a short matter of time, this brand has made its way to the top. Everybody’s digging for their products because of its proven benefits and high quality cosmetics. Definitely is a stand out above the rest. But what I truly love about Krave is how they give potential small business owners the chance to sell their producst. They distribute their products and distributors sell them online. Go check their site and see their distributors in order for you to finally try out their bizarre selections.

This is one of the best and successful local vegan brush brand that stays stronger every year. I’m nearly obsessed looking through their facebook page checking out their new brush collections. They are massive when it comes to sales and the media already have noticed their popularity. Their brushes are sturdy, very posh and chic and the prices are extremely reasonable. Also, they are very accommodating to the people’s inquiries and I love how they are still active online although they already have a physical store.

Like Charm, Dollface is also a successful makeup brand that already has a physical store here in Cebu. They also have their own studio that you could rent, a seasonal makeup workshop and of course a variety of Dollface products that you’ll surely enjoy. Aside from selling their own brand, they also sell NYX, Charm brushes, Model in a bottle, and Glambox Airbrush. For more information, just go visit their facebook page!

So those are just the 10 few who have made a massive impact when it comes to selling cosmetics online. I know it’s still different when you get to try the stuff out before buying, however these products are obviously a hit that’s why sellers are confident that these products will surely work for everyone. I see myself doing tons of transactions with these online shops someday. This list probably might grow in a month or so! And I will always make sure I can update my posh-iest list of online shops from time to time.



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  1. Hi Yvette! Thank you so much for this post and for linking to our Facebook page! Stay happy and keep supporting Zalora! :)

  2. I ordered “Flat Orla” (flat shoes) last November at price 2k+. Few weeks later I saw the price doubled. On the page you will see ” At your door 7-14 days”. A month have passed I contacted Zalora and they gave me updates and told me that the product was hold in the customs and couldn’t be delivered. They gave me an option to gave me store credit or full refund. Why is the product still selling if Zalora can’t deliver it? They just wasted my time!

    • Oh that’s really such an inconvenience, I hope this incident won’t happen again. Most probably Zalora have prevented this to happen. They really do have great products in store and it would be such a dismay to know that this had happened.

  3. Thanks for this compilation! I’ve also been trying to look for the perfect make up store and I think another store that could make this list is Props Tools and Cosmetics. I loved the lip and mineral palettes which were all long lasting. This is the first time I’m hearing about Krave Minerale and House of Flaire but they seem great too. Thanks for this post

  4. Wide Selection of NYX Cosmetics… All Authentic ans ON HAND! =)
    Instagram: @mapshop / Facebook Page:

  5. Thanks for the list! I’m looking for alternatives in buying cosmetics.

    No wonder Map Shop isn’t in the list. I ordered some NYX products from them with no response whatsoever on my order status. Save your time guys, stay away from them. Bad customer service.

  6. You missed to include Kallony in your list. We offer 100% authentic perfume and cosmetics brand in the Philippines.

  7. There a lot of online store not available anymore

  8. Thank you for this! Im looking for a shop to buy authentic cosmetics with cheaper price..

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