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Instant Glow Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Soap for Face and Neck Review

Instant Glow Argan Oil Soap for Face and Neck

Have I mentioned how peculiar I am now about my skin? I am nearly obsessed about it and in fact I am always on a hunt for a good toner, moisturizer, mask, cleanser, scrub, yadayadayadayada. After a disappointing experience with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser, I’m supposed to buy the Panoxyl Cleanser just to try out if Benzoyl Peroxide would work for me.

Just as I was heading to the counter to pay, a Sales Lady approached me and offered me Argan Oil. Well, after hearing so much about how miraculously wonderful Moroccan Argan Oil is, I was pretty tempted to buy. It was around PHP1000++ when I asked and because I was short with cash, I declined the offer. But the sales lady insisted and offered me the soap instead. It’s the Instant Glow Pure Moroccan Argan Soap. I got it at Watson’s for PHP249.75. Still pricey for a piece of Soap but the SL told me about seeing the best result just after 5-10 days. She was pretty convicted when she said it, so I guess I had to try it. J

When I checked the ingredients at the back, I was surprised about how plenty the active ingredients were in this soap. There’s Argan Oil of course as the main ingredient, Glycerin, Snake Oil, sweet almond, Witch Hazel Extract, Licorice, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Shea butter, Castor Oil, and Bee Propolis Extract. I have made quiet a research about some of the ingredients and here are the skin benefits each one contributes to our skin.

Glycerin- used as moisturizer and treat skin disorder i.e. eczema

Snake oil- moisturizer and treats swelling and skin disorders

Sweet almond- softens and soothes skin and also heals acne scars.

Witch hazel- acts as an anti inflammatory, treats sun damage and the like.

Licorice- helps heal acne and brightens and whitens skin.

Coconut oil- has vitamin E that maintains smoothness. Also has anti ageing properties and repairs skin damage.

Palm oil- skin cancer fighting and also has anti-ageing properties.

Castor oil- fights blemishes, great skin moisturizer and prevents excess oiliness.

Bee propolis extract- anti-microbial and is known to fight cancer cells.

Shea butter- antioxidant, wrinkle repairing and produces collagen that makes skin stronger and younger.

The soap still wrapped up in plastic with an Argan Tree sticker on it

And of course Agran Oil which heals scars (i.e. acne scars), also anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, anti-ageing and protects our skin from the Sun. Argan is well known in Morocco and is actually referred to as the tree of life. This tree is also pretty extinct and I guess only grows in Morocco. Since Argan Oil nowadays is much raved in the US and other countries, this brand is the only thing I saw here in the Philippines that offers skin care with Argan Oil. I don’t see any competition yet. Probably it hasn’t been that popular unlike Papaya Soap and Lemon Soap that you see everywhere.

Since I’ve tried it for about two weeks now, I can really tell that my skin definitely transformed from decent to amazing. I still have pimples thought but I can tell, the soap is healing them. When you wet and lather the soap, it doesn’t have a foamy texture rather than a thick and rich creamy texture. I massaged it on my face for about 2 minutes and when you wash off the soap, you’d feel suppleness already. Just after three days, I saw my face really brightened and oil isn’t much of an issue already. Just to give credits to my toner and moisturizer, I am using Celeteque Dermo Science Acne Solutions Line for both. I know they also contributed well enough for me to have this youthful glow and a less acne prone skin.

Fast and amazing results in just 2 weeks!

What I don’t like about this soap though is the coconutty oil smell. I know this is an all natural soap but I am not a fan of the scent of coconut oil. I guess I just have to stop complaining and instead be thankful about this wonderful soap. The amount of disappointment I felt with the Neutrogena Cleanser equals the happiness and contentment I experienced with this Instant Glow Pure Moroccan Argan Soap. This is definitely a must-try for you ladies of all skin types.

I am definitely going to try the Argan Oil soon. Guess I have to save up more. I’d give this hot stuff a 9/10, one point debited because of the scent. Geez, so much skin care products in line for me to try out! Also this can be purchased in any Watson’s or SM Department store near you. Have you tried Argan Products lately? Please let me know!



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  1. Hi Yvette nice review.. :) would love to try this one.. :)
    I just have a question, What can you recommend to whiten the skin.. Im not that really obsessed but I wanted to have a much whiter skin unta.. :)

    • hi geemiz..hmm.. i haven’t really tried any skin whitening man.. glutathione is very common and effective i would say as to many women swear by it. :) also try top gel papaya soap. I’ve been using that on my face since high school and I noticed my skin being brighter jd.. :)

    • well whats in and popular now is darker complexion,and seem to be more attractive at this present moment….i would recommend tanning booth for a beautiful caramel color or walnut complexion.thanks

  2. I’m quite amazed at how fast the results were. Good luck on your quest. =)

  3. That’s really an amazing soap, Yvette! I’ve been trying a lot of facial soaps in my entire life and I haven’t found something that made me stick to it. I will definitely try this one. Thank you so much for delivering this info.

  4. Hi! Awesome review.
    I bought my Instant glow soap awhile ago at SM Dept. store. actually when i purchased the soap i don’t have any idea about it. I’ve tried it already and i can say that it really makes my face lighter but i’ve noticed that it made my face a bit dry. Do i still need to apply a moisturizer and a toner? and how about your pores? does it tightens your pores too?

    Thank you.

    • hi hazel..yes you do feel tightening of the face right after you finish cleansing your face.. however i assume you have dry skin? always settle for a good hydrating toner and moisturizer. they are a must in every skin care. :)

  5. Will send you a sample of our 100% pure argan oil cosmetic when we start selling it early next year (2013)

  6. hello…
    please try also our instant argan oil it will definitely moisturize your skin. it can give you lot of benefits…

  7. Hi…I already use the soap, my only question is do I have to use a toner?

    • oh wow thanks for the heads up. When I bought this Argan Soap, I never really thought about going through all that. I only trust the brand and the distributor (Watsons) since if anything goes wrong with my face, at least I have someone to sue. I think this Argan soap that I bought was legit. It worked for me, my skin got better and so as my mom’s face became firmer, so I guess that answers the question of its authenticity. Thanks for the heads-up annyways. :)

  8. We are selling Pure Organic Argan Oil directly from Morocco.

    • that’s great! email me the info about your product. :)

      • Thanks a lot Mrs Yvette for your emails.
        Our Argan Oil is produced in our factory in Agadir City, it is 100 % Pure Organic, cold pressed, and certified by ECOCERT and USDA.
        We have it now here in Malaysia under name of our marketing department named ARGAN AMAZIGH MARKETING , bottle of 15 ML , we are selling it online as well and export it overseas.
        We are sorry to tell you that at the moment, our website: is under maintenance, however, we will re-open it again next month.
        Again Mrs Yvette we would like to thank you so much for your interest, and please follow us on facebook also at :

        • Thanks for the info! I am a huge fan of Organic products. I also enjoy using Argan oils since they are proven to be really effective. I will check out your products soon. Liked your facebook page already. More power to your product! and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog. :)

          • where can i buy argan oil soap here in mindanao?…i want to try it…i live in mindanao and watsons outlet here don’t sell argan soap

          • I was able to buy this Argan soap in Watsons however I do see some displays of this inside SM department store. you might want to check it there too. :)

  9. We are selling Pure Organic Argan Oil directly from Morocco.

    for more information, please visit us at :

  10. They have this slimming drops too ?

  11. Mary Grace A. Jimenez


  12. ira dizon capinig

    hi po .. u can like instant page here
    instant product is also available @sm bay moa dept store(beauty by sm )…

  13. We have been using Argan Oil, a different brand which is not available in the Philippines, upon finding out just last week that there is an available argan soap and oil here in the Philippines we started buying it. IT REALLY MOISTURIZES THE SKIN AND MAKES IT SUPPLE, ASIDE FROM THAT IT HEALS ALL PIMPLES PERFECTLY ON MY SKIN :-)

  14. yung argan oil sobrang sarap sa balat! inaabsorb talaga ng balat. tapos ang amoy ay light lang. pawisin kasi ako pero hindi sya malagkit, makinis pa din. nilalagay ko lang sya sa eyebags at sa mga parteng gusto kong lagyan! haha! mahal kasi e. 1,200 ang 100ml bottle. :D

  15. virginia b tagaytayan

    hi! may melasma ako pwd ko bang gamitin itong argan oil sa face ko?

  16. I’m a big fan both of instant glow and instant slim, quite expensive pero worth it naman kase matipid naman gamitin, di rin nagsag skin ko when i lose weight i guess going to gym 2x or 3x a wk helped it out also. MUST TRY PRODUCTS!
    Another thing about the soap is that yung dry skin ko sa feet smooth na ang yung build up ng dry skin sa nails naglessen din.

    • I can really attest that their products really works also. I’ve never had any negative testaments about their products. Really, a must try for everyone who’s seeking for a fitter body and flawless face and body.

  17. Hi Yvette. Last year, I had only just discovered argan oil’s existence and was looking to try it out. Only a few brands carried argan and they were so expensive. In all fairness, this is the cheapest one out in the market at the time on a per mL basis. Other brands sell 30mL for PhP 1000, while Instant is a whopping 100mL for its P1200 pricetag. I had seen it in Watson’s several times nun. Curious ako, but I had to seriously think it through. I’m a student, so di biro ang P1,200. 2weeks allowance agad yun. I hunted the net for reviews and the closest one I found was your review of the argan soap. I was amazed at the before/after shots and would have to say that it was my primary reason for finally deciding to buy the oil.

    Hindi ako nagsisi. Super gentle on the face and with a scent I just adore. I didn’t tell others that I bought or used this (takot ako sa sermon on spending so much for a bottle of oil), but within a few weeks I got compliments on my skin. According to family members, my face looked lighter and smoother. When I revealed the oil to them, my Titas and Lola rushed to buy.

    Thanks for doing the review. Now I’m thinking of getting the soap as well. Also, glad to see that your blog contains lots of affordable items for the practical beauty shopper. More power to you. :)

    • Your comment made my day! I am just happy that my post was helpful to you. That Argan Oil didn’t only brought me and my family better skin, it also brought my blog a lot of readers and followers. Thank you for trusting my blog. This comment really made me try harder to extend my thoughts on every beauty stuff I will possibly lay my hands on. Thanks once again and Good luck!

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